30 Day Writing Challenge

Fashion Fixation / Writing Challenge Day 30

I do this thing where I become fixated on a particular outfit or an item of clothing. It could be anything, a little skirt with a particular type of stitching, a top with certain coloured stripes, a jacket with a unique texture… the image will be so clear in my mind, but unfortunately, often the items of clothing don’t actually exist. I’m not sure where these images come from, but I’m gonna say most likely from endless scrolling through outfits on Instagram and Pinterest.

When I come down with this fixation, my first port of call is normally Asos… because they have so much stuff. If you’re just thinking of having a little browse with nothing in particular in mind, good luck, because you’ll be trawling through literally thousand and thousands of garments. But you can find some gems if you know what you’re looking for. I’ll type what I want into the search bar or try and find something similar by using the filters to narrow down the search. But even after I’ve scrolled and scrolled and filtered and filtered without any luck, I’m never convinced that that’s it. Asos must have something. Perhaps in the outlet? Or maybe I’ll find it in the mens section? Asos please don’t let me down!

I actually find it quite embarrassing to admit that I can be this materialistic and this obsessed with clothes. It’s not something that happens very regularly, I promise. I seem to go through phases when it comes to online shopping scrolling. Some months I’ll waste hours looking through heaps and heaps of stuff, trying to find something that fits the mould, and other months I’ll barely even think about buying new clothes because I feel satisfied with my wardrobe (I love these months). I think I’ve probably always been this particular however. I can remember being about nine or ten and telling my mom precisely what I wanted on a shopping trip, she turned to me and said kindly, “I don’t think we’ll be able to find exactly that Janie.” Apparently when I was three and went to my first wedding, I was adamant that I wanted a navy and white striped dress. Nothing more, nothing less. Luckily, that’s quite a generic item and mom was able to grant my wish. I would where that dress now if they did it in adult size, it was well cute.

Tom and I are off to Blackpool for the weekend tomorrow and so I’ve been thinking a lot this week about what clothes I’m going to take and I admit, some Asos scrolling (and purchasing…) has taken place. We’re not going abroad or anything this year, so this is like our main holiday. Yes it’s only Blackpool, but I still wanna look nice, plus we’ll take lots of photos no doubt. After I’ve published this blog post I need to try on the outfits I’ve got in mind and decide what I’m going to take. We’re going on the train and I’m planning on only taking a large tote bag, so I don’t have loads of rooms for clothes and I’ll need to be sure of my outfit choices… pressure! You know when you have an item in mind and imagine it’s going to look fab and then when you try it on, it really doesn’t reach your expectations and looks nothing like you pictured in your mind? I’m hoping that doesn’t happen tonight!

Are you particular when it comes to clothes?



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