How I’m feeling about my first driving lesson…

I've booked my first driving lesson (finally!).   I am itching to get behind the wheel, which is something I never thought I'd say - I always believed I didn't need a car, and I couldn't imagine myself driving. But life has changed, and right now I'm craving the freedom that comes with having a… Continue reading How I’m feeling about my first driving lesson…


Currently Reading (and TBR) – July 2018

Sorry I haven't posted a video for so long! I'm out of practise so this video is a bit incoherent - but I hope you enjoy anyway. I've been reading lots of books about Birmingham lately for a project I'm working on, let me know if you know of any books set in Brum or… Continue reading Currently Reading (and TBR) – July 2018

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A Sunny Saturday at Lyme Park / Writing Challenge Day 5

Yesterday, Tom and I visited Lyme Park. We don't have a car, and there aren't many National Trust properties that you can get to easily on public transport, but luckily, Lyme is only about an hour away on the train (with one or two changes) and is close to the train station at Disley. It… Continue reading A Sunny Saturday at Lyme Park / Writing Challenge Day 5


How I’m using my Muji planner!

After years of experimenting, I have finally found my perfect planning system... In previous years, I've spent several hours swooning over highly decorated Fliofax planners and Bullet Journals... and although I've tried to be a sticker loving, colour coordinated planner myself, I just can't keep it up. I end up getting worked up about making… Continue reading How I’m using my Muji planner!