30 Day Writing Challenge

This post is about hair & I can’t think of a witty name for it / Writing Challenge Day 20

My hair gets everywhere, and I’m sure you long-haired people out there can relate. It gets all over the laminate floors, worms its way into our fluffy rugs, and (and this is super gross and kind of embarrassing to admit) it’s even sneaked into the fridge somehow (and quickly removed… I’m not a savage).

I spend a good chunk of my life picking up hair and desperately trying to get it into the bin whilst it wraps around my fingers in an attempt to stay inside the flat forever until it’s just like a massive fur ball. The worst situation is probably when a stray hair manages to surgically attach itself to the washing up sponge. Trying to put a long hair into the bin when your hands are wet and soapy is even more frustrating. And it just feels so gross and unhygienic… which is also ridiculous because I don’t find the hair on my head gross. I don’t feel the need to wash my hands every time I touch my head hair.

I suppose it’s a bit like dust or crumbs. We all know (and would probably rather not know…) that dust is partially made up on skin cells – which seems disgusting, but we’re not disgusted by our skin when it’s on our bodies. And crumbs aren’t annoying when they’re contained on a plate, but when they’re on your floor or on the coffee table, they’re something to be immediately wiped up or swept into the bin.

Tom joked earlier that I should just shave my head, but I don’t mind the hair on my head at all. (Isn’t it weird that head hair is allowed and encouraged to be luscious and thick and abundant, but women’s body hair, which is the exact same thing – just hair, is seen as unattractive and unacceptable. I could go on and on here about how weird and contradictory societal conventions are, but I’ll leave that for another day.) My hair is fab when it’s on my head, but not so great when it’s in my sink.

This post is another (quite weird) one which doesn’t really have a point. I wasn’t sure what to write about today and after finding a single long hair on the chopping board of all places earlier, I decided my frustration could be written up as today’s piece for my challenge. Hope you enjoyed anyway!

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