30 Day Writing Challenge

“Productive Procrastination” / 30 Day Challenge Day 9

What is the none-productive thing that you do to make yourself feel productive? Something you do to avoid doing the things you really should be doing? The things that would impact your life in better and bigger ways.

I’m kind of very obsessed with Fran Meneses (aka Frannerd on Youtube / Instagram etc), and I also listen to her podcast newsletter now that I support her on Patreon (best $1.20 I’ve ever spent!). I’ve catching up on all the old episodes over the past week, and in one of them she mentions this idea… the idea that we all have something that we do, a habit, that we tell ourselves is productive, when it probably isn’t. And we’re most likely doing this thing to avoid doing something else, something that would actually be productive.

As soon as she said this, I instantly knew what my “productive procrastination” thing is… watching strangers be productive and creative on YouTube.

At times when I’m neglecting my blog or my other personal projects, I find myself on YouTube, watching and then re-watching illustrators and journalists and writers doing their thing, getting their creative juices flowing, utilising what inspires them and turning it into something… All the things I want to be doing.

It’s as if I substitute actually doing my own stuff with watching other people do their stuff. I fool myself by believing I’m still being productive and doing something worthwhile because these videos are inspiring and kind of similar to my own personal projects. And I don’t think watching my fave creative YouTubers isn’t worthwhile, it’s not that at all… But it’s not worthwhile for me to watch others living their best lives whilst I’m holding back on my own personal creative life. I want to watch YouTubers and do my own stuff too. Which actually, I’m happy to say, I have been doing during this 30 day challenge.

I touched on this in the intro video I made for the challenge – I said how inspiration is only really useful if you act upon it. Therefore, I’m feeling pretty good about the fact that I was inspired by watching Fran do her 30 day t-shirt painting challenge back in January, and have finally decided to do my own… even if it did take my several months for me to pull my finger out!

Do you have a “productive procrastination” habit?

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