30 Day Writing Challenge

Hat Hair / Writing Challenge Day 7

I’m having a bit of a “ugh” moment with my hair. I want to wear it down, but it wants to be worn up.

My hair is very thick, which is both a blessing and an occasional annoyance. On the other hand, my mom’s hair is fair and fine and she constantly compliments my hair and jokingly says that I must have got it from her. She find hers thin hair a right pain, so I’ve never taken my hair for granted.

But that aside, sometimes it is annoyingOften, I’m about to leave the flat when I decide to have one last glimpse in the mirror before I depart. This glimpse makes me realise that something is not quite right with my outfit… I’ll change my jacket or my shoes, untuck my top or try a different belt… all before realise that it’s my hair. It’s too much – it’s so heavy and thick (basically like a massive block on my head) that it’s almost like a rather large hat, and it throws my outfit off balance.

I think it’s because it’s shorter now – the shorter it is, the thicker it looks as the ends are blunter. (When I had super long mermaid hair a couple of years ago, it looked thinner as the ends were so old and straggly… one might go so far to describe them as ratty.)

When my hair puts me off-kilter like this, there’s only one thing for it – up she goes. The hair band comes out and it’s scooped back into a high ponytail, or a bun if it’s a bit greasy.

This situation only used to happen when I was wearing a busier kind of outfit, or one which had a lot going on near my neck. But it seems to be happening more and more now, in fact, I don’t think I’ve worn my hair down for over a week. And I definitely haven’t been wearing fancy outfits recently… mainly just summery clothes as it’s been so lovely here. I think the warm weather is why I’m struggling to wear my hair down at the mo. Like I said before, it’s so thick and dark that it does have an essence of a winter hat about it.

I’ll end this pointless post by saying this: if my hair was a hat, I think it would be a Russian hat.

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