30 Day Writing Challenge

30 Day Writing Challenge

I’ve been feeling demotivation when it comes to my personal projects and I want to become more disciplined when it comes to being creative…

So I’ve decided to do a 30 day challenge!

Every day for the next 30 days I’ll be writing something – observations and thoughts from the day… or I might use some prompts on days when I can’t think what to write. I’ve not made any rules and I’m just kind of going with it, but I hope it’s interesting for both me and you. I’ll be posting updates on my Instagram and I’m planning to publish each day’s writing piece on here (if it’s very personal I might edit it a little bit!). I’ve made a YouTube video which goes into more detail on why I’ve decided to do this, and I will be making a big video to document the process, as well as a round up video at the end of the challenge. Feel free to join in on the challenge or to send me any writing prompt ideas. Let’s see how this goes…

Day 1:

My dad’s favourite month is May, and I can see why…

The smell of life in the air, of blossom and pollen and that freshness that I can’t quite describe. The light is special in May too, it’s still so pure and new, whereas by July it already seems deeper and redder.

I was lucky enough to grow up with a large and rambling back garden and so warm days were spent pottering outside. I still feel guilty for spending sunny days indoors, which is a bit of an issue seeing as I now live in a flat. But as the sun was out yesterday, I decided I was going to make use of it and walk up to the local park to do some work outside. A change of scene is always good for my productivity and I knew that spending time outside on such a lovely day would make me feel good inside.

I spent an hour or so perched on the grass by a little tree, with a great view of some Lancashire hills… they probably have names but I’m afraid I don’t know them! Just before I left, a rogue chocolate brown puppy (I think he was a spaniel) clambered up my legs and onto my lap, despite the futile calls of his owner telling him to leave me be. I very much enjoyed the interaction, but didn’t want to encourage him as such, because his owner was clearly trying to train him… the puppy cuddle was short but sweet.


That evening, my boyfriend and I went on a short walk up to his grandparents’ house as it was his grandma’s birthday. On the way I spotted a gorgeous display of flowers – the pinky red, yellow and white together was just so pleasing to my eye, and I had to take a quick pic. It made me excited for us to have our own garden one day, but also made me realise that I will have to learn some gardening skills if I want to create such a pretty array of plants. Luckily, my dad is an avid Monty Dan fan and will be able to give me lots of tips.

Unlike my dad, I don’t think I have a favourite month. I’m rubbish at deciding on favourite things like books or films or songs. I try to find good things about each month, although admittedly, some have more good things than others! But like I said, I can for sure see why May is my dad’s favourite… it is pretty beautiful.

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